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Relax and Retire in Costa Rica

costa rica real estate - For a long time Costa Rica has generated its reputation being a prime retirement haven; it gives you a top standard of living at a low cost, decent health care, an excellent possibility to finally enjoy and relax life. A high number of North Americans and Europeans are retiring in Costa Rica for these reasons.

A survey inside the Robb Report of potential foreign investment/retirement areas ranks Costa Rica as number 1, even above Mexico, Puerto Rico, Panama, the islands Islands, Portugal, Greece, and Australia.

costa rica real estate - Costa Rica gets the highest lifestyle within Mexico, and also the cost of living is low. With $2000 per month you can live a really comfortable life style with most of the same luxuries such as the united states or Canada. Today a lot more than 30,000 Americans have retirement homes on this beautiful land, and much more own investment property. Hired help is very reasonably priced too; the average housekeeper charges approximately $150 per month. Groceries cost approximately 65-75% less than in the United States, based on the store or market you shop at, and utilities are also much cheaper. Satellite can be purchased for $40 per month that provides countless English channels with all of your preferred shows and sports! Internet and mobile phone services are less costly, making communication with family in your home country incredibly easy and convenient.

Costa Rica features a higher life expectancy minimizing infant mortality rate compared to the United states, and also the Un consistently ranks Costa Rica's public health system inside the top 20 worldwide, and the finest in South america. The care product is available to retirees as well as other foreign residents. Permanent residents may also obtain free medical care. Health care pricing is really low compared to The united states, hospitals regularly do advanced operations for example organ transplants, and there are many talented specialists in Costa Rica.

retire in costa rica - Costa Rica is flanked by both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and it has something for all. From beautiful white sandy beaches, mountains and mountain valleys, rolling hills with the countryside, beautiful lakes with towering volcanoes looming overhead, natural beauty is unparalleled; the major reason why numerous foreigners are inclined to retire here. It's called a paradise for individuals inside their golden years. The nation provides extensive to supply, and it is the perfect area for anyone trying to retire overseas.