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The @GEIST_A3 that required the full IFA3 conversion has been deprecated. It will no longer be updated or supported by the @GEIST A3 team.


@GEIST_A3 is a series of textures designed to complement the Iron Front in ARMA III conversion mod @IFA3

@GEIST_A3 is available at Play withSIX[1]

Iron Front Fan Forum Release Thread[2]

Bohemia Interactive Forum Thread[3]

Iron Front [wiki][4]

ARMA 3 [wiki][5]




Virtual Arsenal



  • This wiki is a Work in Progress and some Sections are incomplete.
  • If you find errors, have suggestions or would like to add to or help with the wiki,

please get in touch with the design and admin team via the GEIST_A3 release thread at the Iron Front Fan Forum [link above]