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@GEIST-A3 LITE is a sub-mod which proposes a series of textures designed to complement Uniforms, Helmets, Caps, Vests, Bags,
Insignia and other little things, and vehicles, for IFA3 LITE based on WW2.
All the factions found with the Iron Front in ARMA III conversion LITE mod (IFA3 LITE) are concerned.


GEIST-A3 LITE_FOW is an extension of GEIST-A3 LITE using some models from Faces of War.

This is just a beginning:- There are plans to extend GEIST-A3 in due time...

You will need to have all of the following mods to load GEIST-A3 LITE_FOW:

IFA3 Lite (v.23 or later)

Faces of War (latest version)

CBA A3 (latest version)

GEIST-A3 LITE v3.3.0

The @GEIST_A3 that required the full IFA3 conversion has been deprecated.
It will no longer be updated or supported by the @GEIST A3 team.

If you are still determined to experience the GEIST A3 requiring the IFA3 Full Conversion,
you can still find the download links, release thread details and Virtual Arsenal load-out codes here: [GEIST A3 (IFA3)]





@GEIST-A3 LITE includes:

   *German uniforms: Großdeutschland (Summer & Winter), Panzer Lehr (Summer & Winter), Panzerwaffe, Feldgendarmerie, 
   Luftwaffe (Luftwaffe Infantry, Crewmen, Fallschirmjager ((Summer & Winter)), FLAK), Waffen-SS (generic ((Summer & Winter)),
   Frundsberg Division (Summer & Winter), SS-Panzerwaffe, SS-Fallschirmjaeger, Rouskaïa Osvoboditelnaïa Armia and Kazaki,
   German equipment and vehicles;
   *Soviet uniforms: R-KKA (Summer & Winter), VDV (Summer & Winter) and VVS; Soviet equipment and vehicles;
   *US (1944) Uniforms: "generic", 2nd Armoured Divisions, 3rd Armoured Divisions; US equipment and vehicles;
   *British uniforms: Paratroopers;
   *Free French Forces uniforms: Marines of French 2°DB (1944), uniforms and vehicles;
   *Vichy's France: French Militia;
   *Polish Forces (1944) Uniforms: Armia Krajowa and 1° Armia Wojska Polskiego, equipment and vehicles


   Iron Front in Arma 3 Lite v21 or after: Bohemia Interactive Forums [1]
   CBA_A3: Bohemia Interactive Forums [2]

Download v3.2.0:

   Direct: (Google Drive) [3]
   Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=773314286
   Play withSix: http://withsix.com/p/Arma-3/mods/3INbX9Msp1KPo2skZ-CLhw/GEIST-A3-LITE

Credits for @GEIST_A3 & @GEIST-A3 LITE:

   *Textures, coding, researchs & ideas: Joarius;
   *Master-coding, ideas & textures .nohq, tests: Catsy;
   *WIKI, tests & Ideas: Foxsch;
   *Researchs & ideas: [RATS.ins] ARAB;
   *Textures & ideas: Bigstone, Major421, Mogwaii;
   *Textures: Alan123, Dalai, Lexx, Savage, 5KULL, theOden;
   *Ideas: Amnesia, Anatoli, Djmika50, Francky, Fabrice, Masterjak,
       Partyzant, Ray Jefferson, Scyooff, Tiger, Valou, VFCepu, YouReK Lothbrok


   Any edit to our files without permissions;
   Any redistribution without permissions;
   Any commercial use (monetized servers included) without permissions.


This submod is strictly "neutral" and its content doesn't strictly prefigure the ideas of its creators and no ideology and opinion should be extrapolated from it.

  • This wiki is a Work in Progress and some Sections are incomplete.
  • If you find errors, have suggestions or would like to add to or help with the wiki,

please get in touch with the design and admin team via the GEIST-A3 LITE release threads at:
The Iron Front Fan Forum, Le Clan Des Officiers or the BI Forums